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AISMon is a freeware demodulator/decoder which outputs AIS-data in NMEA format. Data input may be from any installed sound card (radio. AIS Dispatcher (freeware, zip file, about MB). AISMon (freeware,.exe, about MB). Ship Plotter (trialware-requires registration fees,.exe. To do this he uses SDR Console and two AISMon instances. SDR Console is a general purpose SDR GUI that supports the RTL-SDR. One of.

AISMon, a high-performance freeware AIS demodulator/decoder which outputs AIS data in NMEA format. Input may be from any installed sound card (radio. He uses VB-Cable for looping the audio from SDRSharp to AISMon, but if you have a 'Stereo Mix' or equivalent feature with your soundcard, that will be. Adafruit IO is the easiest way to get your projects onto the Internet of Things!.

RTL-SDR, SDRSharp, AISmon, feeding data to AISDecoder (local) & ยท Video May 18, by Leave a comment. I have a cheap Radio PC 'dongle' with which i'm trying to get AIS overlay on OpenCPN. I have setup the 'AISMON' software and it is working.