Gargoyles bad guys redemption download

Gargoyles bad guys redemption

Gargoyles: Bad Guys - Redemption is a trade paperback collecting the Gargoyles : Bad Guys comic miniseries by SLG. In June , SLG. The first issue, "Strangers", was released on November 29th, All six issues are collected in the Gargoyles: Bad Guys - Redemption trade. Publication Information Issue: Redemption Release date: January planned Credits Written by: Greg Weisman Colors by: Karine Charlebois Robby Bevard Cover.

Gargoyles: Bad Guys is a six-part miniseries by Slave Labor Graphics written by Greg from the first two seasons of Gargoyles, called the Redemption Squad. Gargoyles: Bad Guys Volume 1 [Greg Weisman, Karine Charlebois, is the story of some of the villains in the Gargoyles universe on the path to Redemption. Dingo, Matrix, Fang and Yama are on board the helicopter, Redemption. Tired of all the suicidal missions, Dingo confronts Hunter, but the helicopter is fired.

The Redemption Squad (Dingo, Matrix, Fang, Yama and Robyn "Strangled", 5, See Bad Guys: Redemption. Gargoyles: Bad Guys. Status: Completed. Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Crime, Action, Fantasy. Author: Greg Weisman. Artis: Karine Charlebois. Summary. 2 and Bad Guys collect issues never printed) thinking Marvel would reprint them when Disney took over. I feel like a jackass now. permalink.